Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bawlmer 911

A dear friend of mine is proud to announce that she will be a member of Baltimore County's 9-1-1 dispatch. I encourage all members of the English-speaking world to head to Baltimore and start up emergencies, giving her more opportunities to say "Baltimore County 911. What is your emergency?"


  1. You will have about 8 months to make your moves and get your emergent situations in place. So no rush.

    I just glanced outside and it is snowing. Yep. Real white stuff falling from the sky. Big fat flakes of puffy ice. I'm staying in today.

  2. Serves you right for living amongst the Yankees.

  3. "Serves you right for living amongst the Yankees."

    And yet you're still insistent on strapping planks to your feet and sliding down a mountain covered with the stuff, right? Hmph.