Friday, February 6, 2009

Future & Freedom for a Friday

Freedom: The feeling of loss that Ms. Sepich endures to this day is beyond words. What happened to her daughter is beyond imagination. But taking DNA samples of the merely accused instead of convicted? I have very mixed thoughts on this, probably mixed enough to have the Libertarian Party take away my membership card, but I'm still working through various pros and cons.

Future: It was forty-five years ago that Dr. Robert Ettinger published The Prospect of Immortality, the book that kicked off cryonics. Thank you for your foresight, Dr. Ettinger, and best wishes for your continued good health and contributions. We still need you, 'cause we ain't there yet


  1. I'm for the taking of dna prior to conviction. It might solve a case quicker. Think of it this way, what harm would it do?

  2. Because your logic could also extend to curfews and other show-your-papers laws.

    And what expectations do you have that the DNA collections would be used responsibly and protected from those would would not?

  3. And why draw the line at just those who have been accused? Why not get DNA from everyone?